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    New in 2024

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    Please note that moving forward, the information regarding SmartUse's new releases will be published on the STACK website on the following page:


    Workflow Statuses

    General Contractors and subcontractors can now change the status of customized workflows in the project parameters. This function is available in English and French. For more information, visit Workflow Statuses.


    Download PDF with Plan Attached- Workflow

    When downloading a PDF of a Workflow, if a plan is attached to the workflow, it will be downloaded with the report.

    Workflows in French

    Default Workflows are now available in French.

    Project List Column Added

    In the Project List of the Web Portal, a CODE column was added to display the code that was given during the project creation.


    Workflows Email Configuration

    In the Project setting, under Workflows, you can set email configurations for each of the Workflow types.

    Email Notification Settings - Workflows

    In the SmartUse App, in the Project settings, you can now set email notification settings for Workflows.


    Project Settings Updates - Web Portal

    The project settings have been moved to the left-side navigation menu, in the Projects tab. Also, the project creation/editing flow has been modified to add more content and to support the development of further features. The Project creation window now contains tabs for the following information:

    • General
    • Features
    • Documents
    • Issues
    • Workflows
    • Notifications
    • Integrations

    Daily Reports on iPhone

    Daily Reports are now accessible on iPhone. The SmartUse App on phone features all the same functions as on the iPad although they will differ slightly in appearance. Similarly to the iPad, all reports will sync with the Web Portal once connected to data or wifi.

    Additional Assignee Filters in Issues on Mobile

    In Issues on the SmartUse App, we added the "Recent Changes" filter and in the General filter, "Issues I can Complete".

    Additional Assignee Filters Support for the Export of Issues on Mobile

    We added support for the additional assignee filters in the export of issues in PDf and XLS on the SmartUse App.


    Custom Fields in Issues CSV Download

    Three columns have been added for the Custom configurable fields in the download of the CSV file for Issues in the SmartUse App.

    Documentation Column in Workflow PDF & XLS Export

    A documentation column has been added In the PDF and XLS export the Workflows.

    Procore Integration

    To enable the Procore integration in SmartUse, you must contact your account manager so they can help you set it up. Visit the SmartUse + Procore page for more details.

    SmartUse now offers the possibility of integrating with Procore to import plans from a Procore project to a SmartUse project. This means that when a General Contractor with plans in Procore is working with a Subcontractor who wants to use the Procore integration, the Subcontractor can access the plans through SmartUse with their SmartUse license.

    The Procore integration can be set up in Edit project, in the INTEGRATIONS tab.

    Once connected, you can access the Procore plans in PROJECT INFO, Documents.


    SmartUse Workflows for Seamless Project Communication

    SmartUse now has Workflows to help your team manage and keep track of any process, documentation, or issue.

    Six of the most common document types are already built-in as default Workflows and are ready to use.

    • Requests for Information (RFIs)

    • Change Orders (COs)

    • Potential Change Orders (PCOs)

    • Shop Drawings

    • Submittals

    • Tasks

    What other process or documents does your team need to manage?

    In addition to the default SmartUse Workflows, you can add as many Workflow types that your team needs.

    You can add a Workflow types which will be found in the left side navigation menu. From there you can them create Workflow Items under each type.

    Creating a Workflow Item brings you to the Item View where you can fill in the information relating to the specific process, document or, issues in question. In the Item View, you can link Photos and Project documents.

     Once the Workflow Item is created, it will be displayed in the Workflow List view where you get a quick overview of all the items created in this type, select what columns you want displayed, change the order of the column, apply filters, group items, and save your current view. 

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