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    New in 2024

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    SmartUse Workflows for Seamless Project Communication

    SmartUse now has Workflows to help your team manage and keep track of any process, documentation, or issue.

    Six of the most common document types are already built in as default Workflows and are ready to use.

    • Requests for Information (RFIs)

    • Change Orders (COs)

    • Potential Change Orders (PCOs)

    • Shop Drawings

    • Submittals

    • Tasks

    What other process or documents does your team need to manage?

    In addition to the default SmartUse Workflows, you can add as many Workflow types that your team needs.

    You can add a Workflow types which will be found in the left side navigation menu. From there you can them create Workflow Items under each type.

    Creating a Workflow Item brings you to the Item View where you can fill in the information relating to the specific process, document or, issues in question. In the Item View, you can link Photos and Project documents.

     Once the Workflow Item is created, it will be displayed in the Workflow List view where you get a quick overview of all the items created in this type, select what columns you want displayed, change the order of the column, apply filters, group items, and save your current view. 

    If you need additional assistance, please Contact Us.

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